27 Mar

Untitled (The following to be sung)

Gonna grab some kernals, try and snack just right…..

….gonna try me some .. SMARTFOOD Delight…..

(ok if you don’t get the tune, I just can’t help you)


LORD knows I need all the smarts I can gets…and I have eaten oh..just about a metric ton of SMARTFOOD’s regular cheddar corn — to much afternoon delight.

(I did it again)

This “lighter” version uses Sea Salt and has less fat and blah blah….

What it also has is LESS taste.   It’s simple math— you cut the take away some of the cheese flavor and you obviously have LESS fat or calories.  So it tastes basically the same….except less.   Flavor.   And it’s not that drastic a drop so you might as well go for the full monty and have all the fat and all the flavor.

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