Prego Express Italian – DALLAS

18 Mar

One of the best things is getting tips from my readers suggesting places.   It’s usually a complete disaster (and I question their sanity) OR…. it’s a pleasant surprise.

I had some free time and happened to be in the area of a place called Prego Express Italian.   It’s a slightly small but cozy type place.  Super-clean and everyone was very helpful and friendly.  It’s lunchtime so I tried the pizza but noticed everyone else ordering pasta dishes.

I am starting to think I maybe ordered the wrong thing when that pie you see above slid onto my table.

YUM.   Very thin crust with a slight chew….but with a nice amount of sauce.    I loved the sauce on this.  I could have used a whole side bowl of sauce just to dip these slices (more like strips) into.   It was a perfect balance to the gooey cheese and pepperoni.   For a lunch pie, it’s larger than I expected and very filling.

I enjoyed the pie and the place very much.   Already making plans to tackle other items from their menu very soon because I bet there are more than a few gems at this joint.


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