WHOPPER of a let down

11 Mar

As a kid, the Whopper was the “adult” hamburger.   I mean, it was….a WHOPPER after all.  Who the hell could eat something that large— other than an adult?

A few years later and as a teen – one of them and some onion rings was fuel for staying up all night and chasing chicks catching up on homework.

As an adult (stop laughing I am – in theory) I find this is no longer my go-to burger.   It’s close to 3.50 for the burger by itself – and when I can get a double-cheeseburger for 1.49— you do the math.

I also enjoy the other burgers – like Smashburger, Five Guys, etc…and they are only a couple of dollars more.

This past weekend I dropped by a local BK and was reminded it has been years since having a WHOPPER.  So I ordered one.    Stale bun.  Meat was barely warm to the touch,  The cheese was good though.   I was severely disappointed.  I turned the car around to take it back and see drive-thru with 8 cars and a line inside as well.   Guess it will be a long while before I try one of these again.   Sad, really.


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