OLIVE GARDEN Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

18 Feb

Great Googly Moogly, have I been to O.G. alot lately.

Today is another item off their lunch menu, the classic chicken-parm sammich.

It’s half a chicken breast made in the classic way – so no new ground is being broken here.  It’s a good sandwich – but it’s actually such a thick piece of chicken I couldn’t close the whole thing into a sammich.  I ended up eating it with a knife and fork— using the remaining top bun to soak up some of that extra sauce that was on my plate.    The seasoning was present but just barely.  Overall it was good – plenty of cheese piled on as you can see.

Six bucks or so and I was stuffed when you add in the salad and bazillon breadsticks I had at that point.

Like the meatball sammich, it comes with “parm-fries” that are pretty bland and boring so there were plenty left over.


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