Vietalia Kitchen

14 Feb

On a tip from a JFC fan and fellow pizza-junkie, I checked out one of the most interesting places in Arlington.   Vietalia Kitchen is a located just down the street from UTA…and while it’s convenient  for the college crowd – it offerings are perfect for everyone.   It’s like the swiss-army-knife of restaurants.


I can’t think of any place else where you can get traditional Vietnamese dishes….or a burger…a fruit smoothie…..chicken wings…..Pizza …or other Italian food….all under the same roof.   It’s like having a food-court inside one joint.  So if you find you like it, you will spend several visits discovering new favorites.

Now you might be thinking a place like that would probably do well on one type of cuisine and suffer on the other type.    WRONG.

This place was packed and the great news is everyone had something different.   I look around at tables with mixed dishes and orders.  I started chatting-up people and I could not find anyone that didn’t happily share how much the loved whatever they ordered—and openly made suggestions on what I should try next.

So enough with the yakitty-yakk….get to the pizza…man!

Vietalia Kitchen makes an incredible pizza.   I fully understand we are just in the 2nd month of 2014 but Vietalia Kitchen is already the front-runner for best pizza in Arlington.    You heard it here first.

The crust is light but with the perfect balance of tender and crispy— all in the right places.   The sauce is rich and full of flavor you can taste.   Toppings were generous and also had great texture and flavor.    It’s just so different from chain-pizza.   It’s classic.   It”s balanced.   It’s exactly the kind of pizza you wished you could make at home.   It’s the kind of pizza you will have to have at least once a week.








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4 Responses to “Vietalia Kitchen”

  1. Abby February 24, 2014 at 5:58 pm #

    I read some of your old blogs and thought you might like to know that the owner(s) of Vietalia are the old kitchen manager(s) from Birraporettis that were let go when Birra’s was sold back to Houston 3-4 years ago. They are the ones who deserve the credit for Birra’s pizza back when it was good. Heck, they deserve credit for ALL Birra’s food back when it was good. I worked with them for years. They are very nice Vietnamese women who cranked out Italian food for 20+ years. Vietalia is just a combo of what they have done at home/work for quite some time. They do a great job at it too.

    • junkfoodcritic March 2, 2014 at 2:00 pm #

      Oh wow, you are totally correct – and I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection sooner. Thanks for the info, it totally unlocks the “block” on my mind as to why I couldn’t quite pick out why it was so good— I had totally given up on Birra’s – but yes—it reminds me of how Birra’s used to be. It really is the “the best of Birra’s” combined with dozens of other incredible dishes. I love Vietalia and am happy for their success. Now if I could only convince them to somehow recreate that fantastic table-bread Birra’s used to have….

      • Abby April 24, 2014 at 6:29 pm #

        I have begged for the bread recipe but she keeps it all in her head… I will have to force her for a lesson I guess!

  2. junkfoodcritic April 26, 2014 at 11:30 pm #

    I know the table bread might not fit into their menu, but as a rare treat – or something made in a small batch for the die-hard fans of their cooking….it would be a welcomed with open arms. And now I’ve gone and whipped myself up into a bread-withdrawl-frenzy. Again…sigh.

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