The Nodding Donkey Kitchen – SMU

12 Feb

“Wait.  Your stupid phone is dropping out.   Where?  Hello????”

“The wha???     The Naughty Honky??”

I am driving on 75 near SMU looking for some place called the Naughty Honky to meet some friends.   I have no idea where or what it is…but with a name like NAUGHTY HONKY, it’s gotta be damn awesome strip club or something.   I am expecting Gilley’s- complete with mechanical bull.     Then I have to remind myself this is near SMU—-so it can’t be too wild.   Hell it might be a frat-boy bar….the total opposite of cool…..douche-bag-city…so I am fully confused.    My phone rings again………

“Huh???……OH….the NODDING DONKEY…..”  gotcha.   Now at least Google Maps can help me find the joint.  It kept telling me “no results for Naughty Honky”….. but did suggest some other strip clubs if I was curious.

I gotta admit, the decor of the joint was exactly how I pictured it.  Lots of dark wood and TVs.   Great vibe and totally not as douche-y as I was expecting.  Servers/bartenders were all cool and super-friendly.   Good crowd mix too.  Lots of big tables full of friends just chillin’.

We order the chicken strips (above…duh) which were excellent and came with a buffalo-type sauce that had some great heat to it.   Very nice sized portion too.   These went pretty fast.

Then we were absolutely bowled over by the GIANT that was the STACKED-UP NACHOS.   They didn’t last long either.  Super-fresh-tasting mammoth of a dish.

Every nearby table seemed to be ordering pizzas – which did look good as well— but we were quite stuffed after these and a few pints.   So we have another reason to visit again in the future.

Over all this is a great place.   Parking is a bit of a chore, but The Nodding Donkey has a great neighborhood-pub feel to it.    It’s totally worth your time and money to support a cool place like this.


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