OLIVE GARDEN Meatball Sandwich

10 Feb

Lunch at Olive Garden is now faster, cheaper, and tastier than I remember.    When I think about it, I have been to the ol’ OG more times in the last six months than I have in the last six years.

Things like a 5.99 Meatball Sammich with parmesan fries is one reason for my frequent visits.    You get a pretty hefty double dose of meatballs on a half-cut loaf of bread.     The “parm” fries are pretty generic; but thanks for trying.

The sammich itself is very filling.   It’s got great textures and flavors.   Yeah, I said it.   I liked the dish at OLIVE GARDEN.  I know it’s “cool” to rip on OG, and I have done my share, but this was pretty good.  I have to be honest.  I didn’t …however…pay attention to the menu and noticed that my sammich had a cheese blend on top that included ricotta cheese.  Not of a fan of ricotta as a garnish on a meatball sammich.  Other than that – this is a solid lunch for a price that beats several drive-thru combo meals these days….oh and I get salad and breadsticks!!!  wooo!


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