6 Feb

Hello Panda is the new “Pocky”.   Pocky…for those outside the know, are very thin -crunchy sticks that are dipped in a flavoring.   They are from Japan and have made their way over to the states a few years ago.   Stores trying to be hip carried them.   I found them pretty boring.

I got some Hello Panda awhile back from my Japanese snack-friends and now I see them everywhere here.   Five Below and World Market even carry them.  Hello Panda are mini-cookies with creme filling.  They are cute and snacky but not quite something I can get addicted to.  I did enjoy them and they went fast.   Sorta like a creme-filled Teddy Grahams.  mmmmmm Teddy Grahams… now those are addictive.

Anyway back to Hello Panda…like I said, the new Pocky.


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