5 Feb

Okay so 25 bucks seems a little steep but when I saw it at Toys R Us I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much I enjoy snow-shaved-ice in my drinks.   It chills anything instantly and makes Dr Pepper taste even better than normal….which is already insanely good to begin with.

The idea here is simple – toss in the ice and crank out the shaved ice below into the cup and put the flavoring on it—boom —  sno-cones anytime you want.    Kids me love this alot.  I say sno-cone because it never quite gets to that   ICEE/SLURPEES consistency – but even as just a sno-cone it’s awesome.

The one I own I found at Target and it was a generic electric ice-shaver.   It was probably 20 bucks…so maybe you are paying for the branding here.  BUT…mine is electric and does all the work.   The ICEE machine has a crank on top so there is some manual labor for ya.    Either way you go, it’s a nice addition to the kitchen to make sno-cones, frozen adult drinks, or just chillin’ out your favorite soda.


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