3 Feb

A couple of years back I reviewed Subway’s pizzas.   Click here to see that.  Subway has decided to revamp their pizza option and now I see they no longer carry those frozen pizzas.  Now they make them using their flat-breads that they have.   It’s a smart idea.  Probably saved them a ton on those frozen pies they usually had to cook twice to get fully done.

So for 3.50 you get sauce, flatbread, cheese and choice of a few styles.  I had your basic Pepperoni.   It was decent and satisfied the “pizza-tooth” I was having at the time.   It did sorta taste like a microwave pizza so if the point was to get away from that other pie for tasting too processed- this didn’t quite do it.  I think one issue is options.  Your options are :  cheese, pepperoni, spicy (pepperoni and salami) or veggie.

I saw the person make a couple and at no time did they offer to customize these further.  How about some extra parmesan cheese or any extra cheeses for that matter?  They also have oregano and meatballs and chicken…I think these could be really expanded.   But what I saw was …if you ordered one…you had to get it made their way… no custom additions.  I tried to engage a conversation regarding it and unfortunately my sandwich-maker was more interested in getting me slid down the assembly line to the other employee who was wrapping it up and working the register.

So in the end, much like 90% of mall pizza you have had….you will eat it and forget it.


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