FUZE Lemon Tea

31 Jan

Ever get to a vending machine and they are sold out of everything except diet-soda and some other thing you have never heard of?   But you are thirsty so maybe you buy the unheardof.   You are then so dreading it.  Even as you open it….and it TOTALLYkicks-ass?

You are bowled over because you had little-to-no expectations?  You then try to donkey-punch yourself for skipping it all this time?

I normally HATE bottled/can teas that have lemon.  It’s usually so artificial tasting that it over-powers the tea and tastes synthetic.

Not here.  This is very smooth.   It’s like, the yacht-rock of sodas/teas .   It’s lightly sweet and the lemon flavor is crisp and blends well.

Cool new find.   Great taste.   Worth your time and cash.


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