Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen – GP

30 Jan

Don’t much care for the outlet malls in GP.  Don’t really see that much of a discount in most of the stores.    I was impressed with the food court- specifically Villa Pizza.  This Naples-to-NY pizza company has some seriously good slices.    Actually this is probably the closest thing to a NY slice I have ever had in Texas.  The fact that you find such a great slice in a food court is crazy…but who’s worth a trip to the outlet mall just for a slice.   Hell…just go ahead and buy a whole pie.

My visit was late…near closing time and they guy has one slice left (shown here) and all the other dishes/containers look empty.  He has either sold-out or cleaning-up for the night.   I order a slice and a drink and he goes “Did you want to get anything else?”

I look at him.  I look at empty dishes.  I look back at him.  He looks at me.  He looks at empty dishes and looks back to me.

I didn’t say anything but I am thinking “um…you don’t have anything else….not that I can see anyway.”

Don’t know why, but that was funny to me.

Have you tried it?  Share you thoughts with me on Urbanspoon



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