NY PIZZA & PASTA – Fort Worth

22 Jan

Okay, so this location is technically Fort Worth, but it’s off 360, near the airport off to me it’s almost Irving/Grand Prairie-ish, but whatever.

NY Pizza & Pasta has everything you would expect and the name would imply.  I was in a bit of a hurry so I just got a couple of slices to-go.

PLAIN CHEESE Pizza really gets a bad wrap…or just ignored.  Who wants just cheese?…..unless you are like…5 years old?   I hear that alot but the fact is, a plain cheese pizza can be amazing if it’s RIGHT.

The crust on the cheese slight is light, crispy where it needs to be, and tender where it should be.  The cheese and sauce go well together and I seriously loved this slice.   Without any toppings to battle my tastebuds…I can taste the buttery-like quality of the cheese.   The sauce stands out more.   The texture of the crust seems more prominent.    This is a good slice.

I move on to the Pepperoni and it’s good too…but in a different way.   It’s what I expected.   It’s flavor…a little bit of grease from the meat….it’s just a good all around pepperoni slice.  You will not be disappointed.     Looking back though…I still think about how solid that “plain ol’ cheese” was….and it’s definitely what I am gonna order next time.


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