20 Jan

Olive Garden has seen a drastic drop in sales and loyalty in their customers.   To combat this they have really stepped-up their marketing and menu with new items like the CHICKEN MEATBALLS appetizer.  I have had these at local Italian eateries in the past …and they were always a fun and flavorful twist on the classic beef version of meatballs.

Chicken as a meatball really has to have some complimentary flavors mixed in.   Chicken by itself can be rather bland so the addition of cheese, herbs, and a nice marinara make these pretty tasty.   A side bonus is when you are one with the meatballs, you have some great sauce left over to dip those breadsticks in!

I personally would have loved them Chicken Meatballs more had they been a little more heavy on the seasoning…but hey…that’s me.   I don’t usually order appetizers at Olive Garden… but after having these, that just might change going forward.


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