17 Jan

This place has some cool funk and atmosphere.  You get that full-on-upfront when you walk into the West Village location of this eatery.  I dig it already.  TV’s…lots of stuff to check out while you wait for your sammich.   Conversation starter type stuff like old record covers and wacky pictures and articles.

I got your average Roast Beef, cheese, peppers, and onions served up hot on a very delicious bread.   I love that my sammich was made hot and fresh on a grill…not run through a toaster…or microwaved.   The portion size was hefty…as was the bill… my simple sammich was 7.50 or so.  Again…I liked the sammich..but had I ordered a drink and some chips I might be looking at 12 bucks for the meal.   That’s just a bit steep.

On the other hand, they offer these LOADED sammiches that sound insanely tasty and would fill-up anybody’s hungry belly.   They all have like… six or seven ingredients piled on that bread — so I think if you have a hearty appetite and choose one of those sammiches…the price would probably be a steal.    Either way once you get your sammich, you are gonna feel at home in this place.  It just has that cool-chill-vibe about it.  At least it did the night I showed up.   Price aside, you might find a new favorite here, so I recommend you give it a shot.



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