16 Jan

We are in the platinum-age of frozen foods.   The products coming out now are so much better than when we were kids.    Most of them are so close to “restuarant-style” quality now…it’s quite impressive.

Take these new SIMPLY fries from Ore Ida.  These are all-natural with cracked black pepper and sea salt.    They are long, thin, and look to be fresh-cut potatoes.  Or “country-style” as noted on the bag.  Only frozen.

I usually cook these in my fryer – but since I was low on oil, I baked them as per the instructions.  They still came out great but can’t help but wonder if they wouldn’t be truly fantastic fried.  So that is my next batch out of this bag.

Probably one of the better frozen foods I have had in the last few weeks.  Ore Ida just keeps cranking out some good stuff lately!!


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