Marino’s Pizza – Irving

15 Jan

WOW.   Talk about messy.   Perhaps this was my fault somehow.  I ordered a simple one-topping with “a little bit of extra sauce” and this is what I received.

It was at Marino’s in Irving.  I have passed them a million times and I always wondered if I was missing out on anything.  They usually had a full parking lot and this visit the phones were ringing off the hook with delivery orders.

To their defense, it seems they do know how to properly build a pie when “extra sauce” is added.    They just went a touch overboard in execution.

Most true pizzerias will put the regular amount on the crust…like normal.   Then after finishing the pizza, they come back with the second amount of sauce.  It ends up on top of the chesse and toppings.   This way, when it cooks, the dough doesn’t get soggy.     That happened here — but instead of just a “little” it looks like a full ladle of sauce slopped on top.

The crust on this pie was nice.  You can see, some good texture and browning.   Unfortunately that “double-sauce” totally destroyed any hopes of just picking up a slice and eating it normal-like.   All the sauce, cheese, topping,and other sauce just slid right off.   So I had crust and meat sauce basically.

So as a first timer, I am kinda disappointed, but I saw several families eating Italian dishes with big smiles on their faces, so maybe I just need to try their other dishes.   I think they might need a second-review sometime soon.  I’ll just know to ask for the extra sauce “on the side” .


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