G. H. Cretors- Carmel Corn Nut Crunch

14 Jan

Consider this a warning for Cracker Jack, Crunch ‘n’ Munch, Fiddle-diddle-doobie, and all those other popcorn-crunchers out there.   I have had the Carmel Corn Nut Crunch from G.H. Cretors and it’s pretty damn awesome.

I got this from the nicest sample-lady at Sam’s club the other day.   She didn’t even blink or get hostile when I swung back by for sample number two.

Oh, don’t get me wrong…she tried to ‘rassle it back outta my hands once she recognized me from the first trip….but she was no match for the reverse-head-lock I surprised her with …and she tapped out…so I got my second sample….which was just as good as the first.   I even planned on a third trip, but by then security had cornered me….escorted me off my feet ….and out of the building.

Just jokin’.   But seriously, this is some good carmel-corn here.   Very fresh tasting.



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