9 Jan

Okay, you had me at FAJITAS.   I have to admit, I haven’t purchased any Tostitos products in a long time.   So seeing the commercial for a “fajita” chip intrigued me.  I imagined a corn-chip with some onion, pepper, garlic, cumin, and other spices all blended into what sounded like a unique and delicious idea.

And they are snackable and have a unique taste to them.   They have a laundry list of spices listed in the ingredients (even soy sauce????wha??) and a good flavor to them…but something is …dunno.. just slightly off.  One taster I had with me …took a blind sample and said they taste like BBQ chips.  Swore-up-and-down they were BBQ.   When I revealed they were Fajita….the response was…NO…seriously???

I think these would make killer mini-bite appetizers if I doctored them up a bit.   But other than cooking with them, I don’t think I would buy them just for dipping in my favorite salsa.   But as you can see from the bag…I think that’s the point.  These are supposed to be party-food.  Dips and chips that taste like a full-on-meal.


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