7 Jan

I swear to GOD, the size of the burgers at BK are getting smaller.  I remember when the small (regular burger..not the whopper) burger was big enough to cover alot more of that logo on the wrapping paper.  Now look at it.  It’s quite smaller.  These things mess with my head because they don’t tell you they are now 30% smaller to save money…. and still charging the same price…. but you look at it in your hand and go…wow…this seems smaller…

Anyway…I am glad to see BK give the RODEO burger a push.  Around here it’s always been available if you knew to ask for it.  So now for a dollar you get a smaller (tell me I crazy) burger with some onion rings and BBQ sauce.   I have always been a fan of this burger because the tastes just go so well together.  Those strong onion rings and that slightly sweet BBQ sauce are just as prominent as the char-grill taste of the meat.  This tastes like a back-yard cookout creation I might make at home.   Along with the Rodeo Burger…they are rolling out a Rodeo Chicken sandwich…which I am reviewing later this week.

I have often said nothing burps like bacon.    That is still true…but good lord….Onion Rings are right up there.   After polishing this off I had some sweet and vocal burps for about an hour.

Probably a bit of an over-share as I re-read this…but oh well.   We are all family, right?

Anyway for a buck?   Hell yeah go and scoop these up!



  1. paigeandspaniels January 7, 2014 at 1:11 pm #

    I used to work in a facility for those with Alzheimer’s and they served “mini hot dogs” one night. One of my residents flipped and said it was a conspiracy. “The buns are getting bigger and the sausages are getting smaller! Before you know it you’ll be serving us just buns and no sausage!”

    That’s all I could think of reading this post. Rodeo burgers have always been a favorite of my dad and brother, so I’m sure they will be happy it’s back on the menu.

    • junkfoodcritic January 8, 2014 at 12:34 pm #

      Great story! Having seen alot of friends’ families deal with members with ALZ, it’s a devastating journey – but there are some honest and genuine laughs that sometimes happen along the way (like your story). So, thank you, for your service in that field, and for reading my wacky words.

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