2013 Wrap Up

31 Dec

As I look back on the stories and food-events it’s a bitter-sweet mix.   The first three months saw the loss of two great pizza places….Isabella’s and Crystal’s.  Both were legends in the DFW area.

On the flip-side of that sad news was the happy return of the square-pan-pan-pizza from Little Caesars.

Sometime around April, I stumbled across two fantastic new sweet treats…both found at CostCo.   TRUE BLISS Yogurt covered Strawberries and Dark Chocolate covered Acai/Blueberries.   I noshed on these constantly and noticed a nice following for both products have built-up over the year.

May rolled around and I had the pleasure of being a guest on MARKETWATCH to discuss the BK RIB vs. McRib sammiches.

I am always thankful and excited to be a guest – those Marketwatch people are top-shelf and we always have fun talking food.    If you missed it, you can catch that here .

At the end of May, I met some great folks and a great place called TOMMY TAMALE over in Grapevine.   You can read all about them and their tamale-goodness here.

July rolls around and I get contacted by Joe Anuta at the New York Post to discuss the might return of the TWINKIE to store shelves.   In case you missed it, here is that link.    Thanks again to  Mr. Joe Anuta.

Kinda boring until October dropped by to destroy my hopes and dreams of ever having BIG TEX back as we all originally knew him.  No the fair saw the debut of the rebuild and obviously shorter LIL’ TEX.    Even a fair-full of corndogs and fresh lemonade couldn’t lift my spirits.

Good Lord that is just depressing looking at it again.

October was also the time when I stumbled onto the CUPCAKE ATM.     SIGH…. check that out here.

November gave me the early gift of knowing that I will probably never have another Aleda’s Pizza again as I drive all the way to Southlake to discover that it is …indeed…closed.    This is twice now I have suffered through the loss of their precious pie.   How much more can I take?

AND December sneaks in, and through text, email, and out-and-out threats made to him whilst on his knee at more than one of this in-store appearances….I made it quite clear to Santa that his ass could consider itself kicked if he stiffed me on the Vitamix….or the Bone-Crunchin’ Stone Cold Steve Austin doll again this year.

I think it was the ol’ lighter-fluid-in-your-beard- bit that really sold my sincerity…as late X-mas eve I was making kick-ass margaritas and drop-kickin’ ol’ Stone Cold across the living room.

As I re-read this all now…wow…what a ride the year has been….thanks for the bruises and mishaps 2013….you can go ahead and get your ass outta town now….2014 is coming!


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