27 Dec

Now before you grab the keys and start running for the car…these are from Japan.

As you might remember, I have a love for Japanese Kit-Kats.    Ever since my friend send me the Strawberry-flavored ones I have been hooked.  Japan regularly rotates flavors.  Something sorely missing here in the U.S.   We just get chocolate.   In Japan you can get things like Dark-chocolate-and-wine….or….Green Tea Kit Kats….all sorts of unique flavors blended into the chocolate (or in this case flavored white chocolate) surrounding those crisp wafers you know so well.

So when I got another care package I was hoping to find my beloved Strawberry.  Alas…those aren’t out at present.  What I got was Passion-Fruit flavored.   They.  Were.  Awesome.


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