Which Wich

26 Dec

So you are probably out returning those lame-o gifts.  You will need fuel to keep ya going.

WHICH WICH has been popping up steady in the last few years here in the DFW.   When they first appeared I wasn’t impressed.

Passing one during my shopping adventures…I decided to give them a second chance….and it was the closest thing near me at the time.

I LOVE that you fill-out your order ahead of time on the bag your sammich comes in.  This should pretty much guarantee you get exactly what you asked for.   Very little room for error, here.

Bread, meats, veggies…all fresh and tasty.  I had a cold-cut sammich so I am wondering if that was my original error.  I usually get a meatball as my first foray into a sammich shop.   With the success of this last trip I plan on returning to take on the meatball again to see if that has improved since last time.


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