23 Dec

Black Dog Pizza is in the old Dueling Piano bar next to the IMPROV in the (sigh..) “Highlands” of Arlington.   It still has an obvious link to the Improv and has kind of a jazz-bar-with-some-TVs-if-we-need-to-be-a-sporty-joint vibe.   I like the layout of the place.  Great layout for a small/acoustic music venue.  From their website, they don’t even mention having the venue…so this is a missed opportunity methinks.

I try the pizza and I am encouraged by the looks of what I got.   Unfortunately looks are deceiving.  The pepperoni was mild and generic.   The beef was tender and great texture – but no seasoning.   The sauce was non-existant but the cheese was rich and tasty.   The crust was awesome.  At first.   Tender with some crisp/crunch underneath but it that crust quickly got hard and dried-out as the minutes went by.

The waitress told me at the start her favorite was the meatball sub, so perhaps I should have listened.  Live and learn and all that.     Now I have a reason to go back as I am ever-searching for the best meatball sub on the planet.

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