CHIC POP – Irving Mall

20 Dec

Oh, Irving Mall.  How I worry about you.   You were once strong and full of life…and now….not so much.    But I have hope you will endure.

Hopefully things like CHIC POP will help.   Chic (pronounced “chick”…not “sheek”…if you were curious) is a Asian-inspired-popcorn-chicken place in the food court.   Or what’s left of the food court.   I digress….

It’s actually kind-of a fun and funky idea and fits right into a food court situation.  You purchase portions of the chicken and it’s tossed in a sauce (Sweet…Spicy….or Chic…which is basically BBQ sauce) along with some small rice balls and apple chunks.

Yeah, I didn’t get the apple chunks thing either.   I originally was hoping that this would be a place that had several flavors, not just the asian-themed sauces.  I think some hot pepper sauce would also be great on these.  Or some Lemon Pepper… if you pick out the rice and apple chunks like I did.   BBQ flavored rice and apples just didn’t seem yummy to me.    Maybe with one of the other sauces.  

3 bucks or so for this and a drink (they also offer fries…and that ends their menu) and you got a nice little snack to break up the long shopping hours you have been putting in lately.    Chic Pop is located near the Food Court entrance to the mall, where Chick-Fil-A used to be.

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