OLIVE GARDEN Salad Dressing and Croutons

17 Dec

Despite Olive Garden’s sales struggles…(new Italiano Burger???…ay yi yi…) one thing remains KILLER.  The salad.   I am not even a “salad-person” and I find myself having at mountain of it  when I visit the O.G.

It’s SAM’s CLUB to the rescue again as they are now the exclusive seller of these gigantic twin-pack bottles of Olive Garden dressing.   Seriously these bottles are huge…but even at a two-pack, I will probably go through this rather quickly.

This is just fantastic because I do so love that dressing and now I can have it on a quick home-made salad whenever the craving hits me.


Oh but that’s not all!   What is a salad without some killer croutons??  O.G. and Sam’s gotcha covered with that as well.   A backpack-sized-bag of croutons sounds like heaven to me.    These are seasoned and have a touch of Romano cheese to them.    Toss in some Pepperocinis and a basic salad-mix and you got instant O.G. at your house.

Sadly….unlimited breadsticks are not included.

I just realized I have now written my first article about……salad…..I think I need to lie down now….my head is spnning….need chocolate….or chicken wings…


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