Is U Is or Is U Ain’t My Sammich

16 Dec

Quizno’s is having a bit of a crisis, me thinks.   A few years ago I went there for the very first time and had this big honkin’ meatball sammich.   Months later I was told they don’t carry them anymore.   Then two years later I see them again at one store, but not at another.   2012 I see they are back.  Then gone again.

2013 and now they are back again.   In all this time, I have been told they were “discontinued”.    Now on the menu it says “limited time only”  “new recipe”.

hmmmmm.   Okie dokie.   You have suckered me again into ordering.   These meatballs are small compared to the previous version.  Nice texture and flavor…but little to no seasoning.   All the seasoning is in the sauce and the dry seasoning sprinkled on the top out of the shaker after it comes out of the oven.   The sauce is good but kinda thin.   This would haunt me later.  Cheese is nice and string-y…and that Rosemary-Parm bread is great.

I take that photo…which looks awesome if I do say so myself.   I get up to grab some napkins and in that 20 seconds something …..chemical happens….and it all goes wrong.   The watery consistency of the sauce absolutely soaks the bottom half of the bread.   So when I pick it up, the whole shebang falls through the weakened middle and onto the plate.   I have to finish the sammich with a fork and my messy fingers.  I looked like a crime-scene.

(by this time I had put my phone away so I couldn’t dig my messy hands into the pocket for the “after” photo)

Still a good sammich, but plenty of room for improvement.   Maybe layer that cheese on the bread first as a barrier?  Not let the sauce get so watery and thin?   I have a feeling by the time I get back there to ask, it will be discontinued again.


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