Ziosk is here

12 Dec

Okay, this is cool, and potentially annoying at the same time.  ZIOSK is a portable and wireless hub that are being tested at Chili’s restaurants.

IT”S COOL- because you can order food and drinks directly instead of wondering where your server wandered off to.  You can even tab-out, swipe your card, and pay the bill in a flash.  It even prints out the receipt right there.  That is super-convenient and a feature I did and would use…and is needed in EVERY restaurant.

It also has a free USA TODAY APP that you can use to read the news while you wait on your food.  This is super-cool and a great conversation starter.

IT’s POSSIBLY ANNOYING –  It has several games and apps you can play on the machine for $1.99.   I suppose if you have kids to entertain or something, but that seems kinda weak to charge a fee to play.  Maybe if the game allowed me to win a discount on my order or points towards something…maybe.  Guess they have to off-set the costs somehow.  Another thing that is kinda odd- is that it has a camera in it.   The Ziosk website says it’s so you can “like, or check-in on Facebook/twitter or take pictures at the table and upload them”.   Isn’t that what we all have smart-phones for?  Not sure I want to load all my photos and personal info into a random machine at a restaurant.

Paragraph above aside – the coolness outweighs the annoying by a MILE.

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