Papa John’s Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie

5 Dec


Papa John’s makes some pretty decent pizza but anytime these places step outside their comfort zone it’s usually hit or miss.

This “mega cookie”  seems like someone rolled out a couple of Tollhouse balls of premade dough and made a big cookie.   It’s not new, or creative, or any different than that.  it’s just a big cookie.    Having seen big cookies before  I wasn’t in awe.  The taste was also just as I expected….like something I could get anywhere.  I think it was like, six bucks too.    I am thinking the selling point here is that it’s fresh-baked and warm…but is it?  I mean if you have a sit down meal of the pizza…the cookie is getting cold every second you wait.    6 bucks could buy me a pile of TIM-TAMS …and then you would have a cookie worth talking about!


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