4 Dec

Arlington has it’s fair share of generic-y BBQ joints.

So I was completely BLOWN AWAY by how GOOD Eddie Deen Crossroads is.   The food was incredible.   Staff friendly.  Prices good.

First, the cook and counter-lady were the friendliest people I have ever met at a restaurant.  They were all smiles and answered all my usual dumb questions…and they were just very cool to talk to.   I would see them give that same attention and respect to every other customer that entered.   They just good folks.   They deserve credit and a raise.

The place itself is modest and is almost hidden – even though it’s literally within walking distance of Cowboys Stadium, I didn’t know it was there for MONTHS.   This is INSANE.

And look at that ‘cue….OMG it was just slightly resistant as I pulled it off the bone

(which is what you want..if it just falls off it’s over -cooked…despite what you may have heard growing up)

I got a chicken sammich and a side of ribs.  Those ribs were the absolute BEST ribs I have had in a LONG time.  Nice “bark” and I didn’t even think of reaching for the BBQ sauce – the ribs were  tasty enough as-is.

The chicken sammich was also a delight.  Nice smoke and nice flavor.   The bun??? was like a fresh-baked roll.   It was a killer bun.   Pile of fresh-cut fries?  The whole damn dinner was ridiculously YUMMY.

How in the bloody blue hell did I NOT know this place was here???

The ONLY negatives I have are :

“A”   Those awesome sandwich buns should also be sold/made into rolls….. for those that don’t order sammiches.

“B”  They don’t have a solid dessert.    I think banana pudding is a killer dessert to follow BBQ, so I would love to see them roll out some puddin’.

Damn good BBQ.


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