Mellow Mushroom

2 Dec

Mellow Mushroom.  Mellow Mushroom.  Mellow Mushroom!!!!  It’s all I have heard for a solid month.  How AWESOME it is.    So I finally had to try it for myself.

I got a “Meatball Trio” appetizer and a regular pizza to try out.   The design of the place is cool.  Mellow with various lava-lamps about and some nice color and decor.

The meatballs were actually VERY good.  Nice and rich sauce, juicy meatballs, some shaved cheese melting all over….with some  breadcrumbs and basil.   I was full just on these alone.    Great starter.  I am feeling  good about this place.

AND….The pizza fumbles the ball and loses the game.  The crust of this pizza has EXCELLENT flavor….and is remarkably UNDER-cooked.   Doughy and soggy in some spots.  The cheese is melty and gooey and perfect.  The sauce and toppings are bland and empty.    So it’s a total mis-match and disappointing.    Mellow indeed.

I think I burnt the clutch in my tastebuds as I grinded gears from loving this place to shock-n-awe at how different two dishes can be from the same joint.


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