Happy Tomato Salsa

26 Nov

Stumbled across this at Central Market and again at Green’s Produce in Arlington.  It’s a locally made salsa from Ft. Worth and it’s very good.  Super Fresh tasting.    You will find it in the refrigerated section.  It comes in three flavors – Mild, Medium, and Diablo…and of course I had to go Diablo.

Again, it’s fresh as all-get-out and has some nice heat to it.   Unfortunately it’s just a touch too sweet for my tastes.   As a mild or medium sauce I would welcome such sweetness – but as a full-on-hot-salsa I want there to be no distractions.  I want straight-up heat.   So this means I gotta go back and try the other versions sometime to compare.  I must also add the sweetness didn’t stop me from eating it for 10 minutes straight.

The other thing I notice is that it ranges in price from 5.99-7.99 depending on when and where you buy.    8 bucks may sound like alot for a simple jar of salsa but once you taste that freshness- it’s pretty easy to forget what you might have spent.


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