SONIC Spicy Chicken Sandwich

25 Nov

SONIC has done pretty well ramping up new items lately.   They have finally got around to rolling out something I was hoping for- a spicy chicken sammich.   Wendy’s got the jump on all the others years ago – but now just about every place has their own.

Sonic has two actually.  The regular and “Island Fire” version- which has an added sauce to make it even spicier.   I ordered the original this time.

What arrived was fantastic-ly toasted…soft and warm….ciabatta roll….housing a rather flat…smashed out looking chicken orange chicken patty.    I scrapped off all the tomato and lettuce so you could really see the thickness of the chicken.

In the adverts, I sort of got the impression this was going to be a thick cut filet type chicken sammich.   Very disappointed to see it wasn’t a breast cut.  I would have been over the moon had it been a premium chicken on that delicious ciabatta roll.  This might have been my new go-to spicy chicken sammich… but it wasn’t meant to be I suppose.   Still good flavor, but still a bit of a let down


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