Aleda’s Pizza – CLOSED

20 Nov

I am bothered by this news.  Back in the day in Arlington there was Barry’s Pizza Pub.   It was a bit of a dive but the pizza was KILLER.   Unique and overloaded with toppings on a sturdy and crunchy crust.  I drove up one day to find Barry’s had packed up shop.  Forever closed.  I couldn’t be more disappointed but I wasn’t surprised.   The place needed a makeover…the prices were a little higher (but worth it because they seriously loaded you on toppings)…but the main thing was the staff.   It was usually run by some teenagers that were slow to serve and even slower to clean up the joint and bus tables.

Flash forward a couple of years and I hear that ALEDA’s PIZZA is open in Southlake and is actually from the same people who did Barry’s Pizza Pub.   It’s been reborn under a new name and location.   I was THRILLED.  I drove that night, the hour-round-trip and discovered a fresh new location that had some nice deco and most importantly the pizza was exactly as I remembered it.   EXACTLY.

After being blessed with a second chance, I made weekly trips to Southlake just for that pizza.   It was so unlike any other pizza joint in the DFW.  The recipe and quality of toppings was top drawer.  I took plenty of people  there to sample that greatness.    Not one person was ever disappointed in the pies.   They were all surprised that I had found this gem of a place.

Unfortunately, I also noticed the type of servers were also “back”.   Not the same people mind you…but again…teenagers that were more interested in checking their phones or talking behind the counter than being a server.

I noticed that during M-F – during lunch and early afternoon, everything went rather smooth.   But evenings and weekends were just slacking in the service.   Perhaps it’s just hard to find good help.

So imagine my disappointment….again…to pull into the drive and find they have closed.   No word on Twitter or Facebook.   Just an empty store front.

It’s sad really, because their pizza recipe is too damn good for it to just fade away.    I hope they manage to resurface again sometime in the future.   Perhaps the third time would be the charm.


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