13 Nov

If I have said it once, I have said it….enough times….  DO NOT GO TO THE DRIVE-THRU IF YOU CAN’T ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW!!!!!

Just go inside.  You think it will take too much time going in but you are WRONG.  I watched this lady:

Put the car in park.  Take off her seatbelt.  Open the door.  Then had to crawl out without hitting the car door against that post.  Then lean back into the car to get the money and talk to someone.   Then stand there like a fool waiting.  Then take the food and hand it into the car.  Then knock on the window and ask for more napkins.  Then squirm back into the car.  Then seatbelt.  Then window roll up.  Then door shut.  Then parking lights to driving lights.  Then she leaves.

This is unacceptable.   I hope the forgot to include ketchup in her bag.   She needs to learn a lesson.


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