OREO – Peanut Butter Creme

8 Nov

Not to be snarky, but I actually invented this years ago.  Okay…maybe not the “creme” part but the rest.

Once upon a time, I was visiting a girl at her dorm and she had two things in her pantry (the storage tub where they kept food) crackers and peanut butter.   The crackers were stale so I pitched them in the trash.   I opened her fridge to get a beer and noticed there was a package of Oreos….well three left in the bag….necessity being the mother of invention I surmised dunking the Oreos in the peanut butter.

GROSS as it sounded to the girls, we loved it.   A tradition and another food-hack was born.

Well somehow OREO heard my story ….no doubt stalking me on twitter….and has now released their own version.    These are incredible.   I would have loved them more if it was actual peanut butter between those cholocate-y wafers and not a flavored “creme” but you will get the gist from the first bite.    Oh.  So.  Good.


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