Wendy’s Pub Chicken Sandwich

7 Nov

With the success of Wendy’s Pretzel burger, they decided to pull the same stunt twice and introduce an almost-exact same sammich…. using chicken instead.

They start with the pretzel bun, chicken, spring mix lettuce, cheese sauce, honey mustard, and a slice of cheese (this time muenster instead of regular) and no bacon.

Everything in my taste buds told me the Pretzel burger was something I wasn’t going to like.   And then I did.

So when I saw they are doing chicken, I figured everything that worked on the burger would NOT work on the chicken.   And then it did.  The switch to muenster cheese was a great move but it gets over-powered by all the other cheese/honey mustard-ness.  Maybe if I asked for easy on those those…it would help.

Still, the name is perfect because it is just such a burst of different textures and flavors that it doesnt’ taste like a fast-food sammich.   It does sort of taste like something you might get at a gastro-pub or something.    So another slam-dunk for Wendy’s with this one.


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