Bodacious BBQ

4 Nov

In Arlington, across the street from the RV parking at Cowboys stadium is a small BBQ joint that has been around for a while called BODACIOUS BBQ.   I have passed it a million times and smelled enchanting flavors floating out of that joint.

Upon my first visit, I notice the doors are closed and it’s 15 minutes until their actual closing time.   In the window is a sign that reads “OUT OF MEAT”.   So ..okay….they have sold out ….guess I will come back another day.

“Another day” arrives and I find they are again out of meat.  At least out of chicken I am told.  I order the ribs and my friend has the brisket and as we slide our trays down the line I couldn’t help feel like I was back in school.   Once you are handed your meat, you slide down and self-serve your own fixins, sides, grab desert from the mini-fridge….and your bottled-that-was-clearly-labeled-not-for-resale-as-it-was-a-16oz-from-a-six-pack-from-the-store…..and self-serve your own ice cup for the pop.

I am also starting to get concerned about the food quality and air quality in this place as I look up and notice the vents in the place are black and filthy.  Robert Irvine would have a FIT in this place.

Do you guys have any bread?  Or rolls?  Or cornbread?…. my friend asks.    “No.”  He pays for his and walks away.   I am up next at the register and the cashier goes “Did you want some bread?”  “Like what kind of bread?” I respond.   “White or wheat.”   Five feet away my friend goes “I thought you said you didn’t have any bread?”  I decline bread, pay, and we both sit down.

“What kind of place doesn’t have any kind of bread?”   My friend brings up again.    “Oh yeah…they do have bread…but only for those that didn’t ask for it.”

This got me thinking.  I have been to alot of BBQ joints and it’s “old school” I guess to serve sliced bread with your ‘Q’ but we live in a modern-age.  Have some cornbread or rolls.  All your adverts tell me how much time you spent smokin’ the meat and you can’t offer anything other than some old WonderBread?  Get with it, people.

My friend is a very slow eater.  Today is slower than normal.   That usually means something.   “How’s the brisket sammich?”


I am on my fourth bite of the ribs and I get exactly the same thought it my head.   These ribs are very dry.  I lay on the house-sauce and that does little to help.   The sauce has a very sharp mustard-tang to it so it doesn’t even really taste like a BBQ sauce.   The slices of onion are also dried-out from sitting on the fixin’-table” too long with no moisture.  The beans also taste like they have been sitting out for a while and are only mildly warm.

I am shockingly disappointed with everything except the banana pudding.   It was decent.   But everything about what I had flies in the face with all the reviews and word-of-mouth I heard about this place.   It was supposed to be UH-MAY-ZING.

Another few bites were a futile exercise and we both just shoved our half-eaten plates to the side and decided to leave and never return.  Always living and learning.

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