82 TRUCK Sauce

28 Oct

What does “82 Truck” mean? That is the question most asked of this Irving-based start-up company.   I first saw them at ZEST FEST where they were developing their concept and brand and getting feedback on sauce samples.

82 Truck is named as an homage to and support of Fire Fighters.  If I remember correctly they donate a portion of their sales to various Fire Brigade charities around town.   So that’s cool.

So how’s it taste?   Actually pretty good.  This is the “Original” sauce so I am taking that to mean  the promise of hotter things to come in the future.    It’s not too-mild but it is not the over-the-top-fire-burning-your-mouth-up-hot that I usually look for.  Less “vinegar-y” than several other pepper sauces I have had in the past.   This is a good thing.

I fried up some wings and they came out great just using this sauce by itself.  I notice the heat does build nicely after a while.   I think this would be a great everyday-table sauce that I would use on just about everything .  It could give Tobasco and Frank’s a run for their money if you are looking for something new.   Very cool to see these guys take this from idea to sample to product.   You can check out their website and order direct at http://www.82truck.com .

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