Pizza Parts

24 Oct

I had pizza from this place awhile back…twice actually….and it was very-very good.   Great balance and nice fresh flavors.

I have no idea what happened this time but this pizza’s crust was so dried out and bland.   Over cooked and tasteless.    I was tempted to return the pie but I was a good distance down the road and didn’t feel like ending my evening with yet another hassle.

So I did something I have never done before.  I just ate the toppings and left the crust.  the sauce-topping-cheese bites were delicious.    Of course I missed that added flavor of a nice crust but the seasoning in the sauce was making up for it.  I figured it would kill me to watch that crust go right in the trash…but …nope.

It might be awhile before I got back to this place as a result….but it left me with the question – are there foods you order or eat out there that you have to disassemble or dismantle in order to just enjoy the best parts?


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