23 Oct

Arlington has had a hidden gem of a seafood joint since 1984 called FISHBONE GRILL.   It has seen other businesses come and go and they are still standing.  When they built the new Cowboys stadium (which is literally across the street) Fishbone stepped up their game with a remodel and a pretty cool game-day deal.

The food has always been great.  Fresh seafood, fried shrimp, fish, and chicken.. you name it, they had it.    The decor was always kinda “meh”.    But they have torn down some walls and really opened up the joint with new paint and deco and TVs.  The whole place is alot more inviting now.   They didn’t fool with the food – it’s still as awesome as ever, thankfully!

They also have the Bill Bates Tailgate party that they host every home Cowboy game.  For 3 hours they have a DJ, catered food, beer and margaritas, and a meet-n-greet with Bill Bates for 50 bucks a person.   It’s all in this giant party tent set up behind the restaurant and it sells out every game!   If you can’t afford to go to a game this is a killer alternative.   50 bucks with catered food, drinks, and a former player?  That’s a no-brainer!


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