22 Oct

Is there a more original candy out there than Bottle Caps?  I mean they crunch well, they have awesome flavor, and they have an iconic pop culture reference built into their design.

Edible bottle caps that taste like the flavor of the soda they were taken from?   Oh and they are shaped like caps as well?    And…..AND…. if you mix the flavors you can have some cool soda flavor combinations……it’s like a soda suicide in candy form!!!  WOO!  I would have loved to have been in the meeting when this was pitched.   It’s killer.  It’s classic.   It’s also damn hard to find these days.  I am not happy at all with this trend on store shelves.    I am discovering all the kick-ass candy from my youth is still available – just now only at specialty shops.     Another tip of the cap to that store FIVE BELOW for having this in stock on the reg.

WARNING:  This trip down memory lane did not come without a price.   My beloved Bottle Caps have been reduced in size.  I remember  them being about the size of a penny or nickel as a kid.   Pouring them out into my hand I was disappointed to find that they are about the size of a shirt button today.  Same taste and texture – just now tiny.   Which seems rather dumb.  Why shrink them?

Were people actually confusing them with REAL bottle caps?  And don’t tell me it’s cheaper because there was a ton of little caps on that box.    You could have easily just made them the regular sized and the weight would have evened out I’ll wager.

Wonka frustrates me.  Again.


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