The Circle of Pie

21 Oct

So yeah, I am ever so late reporting this, but TOP THAT! PIZZA in Mansfield is closed.  I made this long and involved journey to get there a few days ago and the place is gone.
For some reason I could never really get hooked on the pizza.   I tried different topping-sauce-crust-cheese combinations but never found one I craved.   Oddly enough I did enjoy their Meatball Bakes and that was the reason for the visit.

So I am driving all the way back home in utter disappointment and reflection.    I thought the location was “ok” and in a rather new area so they had the chance to really be the go-to place there.

My thoughts quickly fade from Top That as I see a potential new spot down the side road of 360 as I am headed for I-20.   I have no idea what city I am in at this point but I am guessing it’s technically Grand Prairie.

Mario’s Pizza.   If I remember correctly that slot in the strip mall used to be a Quizno’s.    So I pop in to get a look at the place and pick up a menu so I can review it later.

At first blush I gotta say I was impressed with Mario’s.   it has that homey-mom-and-pop type feel to it.   Their menu is full of classic italian dishes and pizzas.    It’s a very small location but they put thought into it and have a very simple and clean deco to the place.   Most places like this have white walls and you sit at make-shift tables in plastic lawn chairs.

Not at this joint!   Mario’s has some style with soft music playing, nice booths…complete with table cloths…..sorta made me  think it’s like a mini-Olive-Garden.   So they definitely get points up front for presentation.

So look for that review coming up.      But I found it rather fitting that just as one door closes….another opens and the world keeps spinning pizza pies.


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