2013 Big Tex Return

18 Oct

GOD KNOWS I only asked for one simple thing.    That this NOT get screwed up.

So you know BIG TEX burned to the ground last year.  It was announced that he would be back- bigger and better than ever this year.    So it was my main reason for visiting the fair.   That big cowboy has been a staple of just about every kid in the DFW area for the last 60 years…so it’s kind of a big deal.    One that people hoped would NOT get screwed up.   Well he is back….and of course he’s screwed up.

I did a quick pic assembly of Big  .  The white shirt is the new one.  The yellow shirt is from a previous year.   When you see him on TV you don’t notice it at first.   In person it’s obvious and annoying….he’s SHORTER.

It’s estimated he cost about half a million dollars to rebuild.  He looks pretty close to original.  The head looks a tiny bit smaller.    And yes…he talks and can move his hands…but who asked for the hands to move????  Who asked for those stupid looking boots?  If you look around his knee area, you can see the boots on the left come up to his knees.   On the right, they are more normal.    What you don’t immediately consider is that platform that is barely visible on the left.   He is several feet shorter, so to make up the difference there is a built up a platform under him.  You can see on the left he stood on a small mound surrounded by a small fence.  Now he is on a large garden planter thingie.

This slight-of-hand magic trick is unacceptable.   It cost almost half-a-million and you can’t get it right?  You waste money-making his hands move and forget the rest of his legs?   Did you know he was shorter and didn’t want a backlash?   I mean unless you really look at it you might not even notice the switch.   For an entire year the Fair played this shuck-n-jive game with the details about how he was gonna look.  The would leak out a computer model videos of his hand or his ear.


What’s with the games?  If he was gonna look exactly the same, why all the mystery?  Why not show the progress?  Keep the fans involved?    Even the unveiling was botched due to a traffic copter getting a sneak-peak which caused the Fair people to be upset with the media for revealing it and forcing The Fair to debut Tex a day early.  What did you expect?


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