The Black-eyed Pea- Chicken Parmesan

16 Oct

Black-eyed Pea serves up some killer home cookin’ type meals.   Chicken-fried steaks…..Chicken and Dumplings…..Meatloaf….Turkey and dressing… I was kinda surprised to see Chicken Parmesan on the menu.   It’s a classic Italian dish and stood out among all the other American classics.   So I had to try it.

What you see is what arrived.  It looks beautiful.   Melted cheese.  Shaved cheese.  Thick and rich looking sauce.  Golden brown chicken and a heaping bed of spaghetti.

Unfortunately it all tasted sort of bland.   Little to no seasoning on the chicken and the red sauce was your most basic of pasta sauces.   The spaghetti was a bit gummy and chewy.     The chicken was tender and juicy despite the distraction of the other flavors.      I was afraid that ordering a pasta dish from a menu that didn’t have many pasta dishes on it would be trouble.   In this case I hate to be right because I was truly hoping to find that off-beat dish that would be my newest love at a beloved restaurant.

It wasn’t that it was bad.  It just could have been so much more than it was.

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