14 Oct

So it’s STATE FAIR time again here in Texas, and there is no shortage of fun and funky things to eat.   Here is a few from our chow-down this year.

1.  FLETCHER’s CORN DOGS-  Lots and lots of corn dogs.  Duh.    I mean I usually forsake corndogs all year-long because they pale in comparison to these deliciously devilish dogs served up by Fletcher’s.   Seriously.   They are a staple of the fair and a must have.    And they still taste like  they did when I was six.    yummmm…

2.  DEEP FRIED SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS-  (pictured upper left) was just so simple in its idea and something that was surprisingly good.    So good in fact I may have to improvise my own version of the recipe here at the JFC kitchen.  It’s a giant meatball that had some tender spaghetti mixed inside, covered in a crust ….fried ….and dusted with herbs and parmesan cheese…and finally served with a side of marinara.     Another score!

3.  DEEP FRIED THANKSGIVING DINNER – Similar to the spaghetti/meatballs, the Thanksgiving dinner was another huge fried ball of stuffing and turkey…served with sides of gravy and cranberry.   The line for this one was super-long the day we were there.  A crowd favorite for certain!

4.  DEEP FRIED CHICKEN SKIN-  If you have ever eagerly pulled a hunk of extra-crispy skin off your KFC, then you get this dish.   It was actually pretty good but a touch too salty and needed some hot-pepper-sauce.

5.  DEEP FRIED OREOS –  Had them last year, and they were just a perfect and yummy as I remembered them.  This is becoming a must-have on my yearly trip.

6.  ICE TEA STATIONS- Didn’t notice these last year, so maybe it’s new this year.   Saw several of these little drink stations that served sweet or unsweetened tea for 4 tickets.   The absolute cheapest drink in the whole joint and during a long and hot day…I needed several.


8.  DEEP FRIED BANANA PUDDING-   This tasted pretty good, but was just pudding in a pie shell with some kick-ass-flavored-whipcream on top.    Not overly creative but still tasty.


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