8 Oct

Frozen Pizza remains one of my constant quests as I search out the absolute best frozen pizza I can find.    Just as a concept I love it – a full on pizza ready in minutes at your own house that tastes as good – if not better – than the local pizzeria.

In reality, I am disappointed more often than not.  This is not a simple task .   The delicate balance of crust-sauce-cheese-toppings is …well…delicate.  It’s why I believe when you find a truly great pizza, you are knocked out by the balance of it.  Everything clicks and it’s awesome.

All too often in the frozen pizza world, there is one killer part and the rest is sucky.   Great cheese, sucky crust…etc…

Enough with the pre-amble—  TODAY – we are serving up the HOME RUN INN Pepperoni frozen pizza.   Home Run Inn Unpackaged, this pizza already looks nice.   It actually looks like it’s almost cooked and ready to eat.

HOME RUN INN has been a pizza joint in Chicago since 1947 and have their signature style pizzas available in your local Whole Foods frozen foods section.

I picked it up at random because the picture looked yummy.   At the checkout, the cashier quickly scooped it up and said “OMG…these are SO!!!! GOOD!!!!!”    She acted like she didn’t want to let it go or put it in my bag.

I am thinking this is a good thing.

Out of the box, some oven time, and here we are.   I left it in my oven a few extra minutes because it doesn’t always cook evenly.    I end up with a little char on top which is fine by me.

This is some seriously good pie.   To be frozen?  FUGGEDABOUTIT.   It has a tender, slightly flaky, butter crust.  I really need a pizza stone because the crust cooked rather un-evenly in my oven.  Resulting in a pie that was half perfect and a quarter over and a quarter under done.

That aside, the sauce is bangin’-  nice tomato-y, black pepper and oregano hints to it.  Some good flavor in that cheese as well.   Nice and gooey, stringy, and melty mozzarella.  Topping this off is some uncured pepperoni with some nice bite to it.


Not sure what I was expecting, but this is the opposite of that.  This reminds me of that killer bar-pizza you stumble across and then find yourself craving every Friday night thereafter.   Since I have never been to an actual Home Run Inn in Chicago, this pizza makes me believe that what they serve fresh in-house is probably out-of-this-world.

Mark this on your shopping list.    This, some beer, and a day of watching Hockey and Football is a fantastic plan.



  1. Victor October 24, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

    I order a family size pizza, picked it up and I took it home and I’m sorry to say this but this did not taste at all like homerunpizza, very salty and missing condiments that make it a home run pizza. What is going on, I use to go to the one on 31 and that’s why I know a homerunpizza when I eat one! Not satisfied.

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