7 Oct

Gourmet Basics has a line of new SMART FRIES that are potato-stick-style-french-fries-in-a-bag.

These are “air-popped” so they are lower in fat and all that good stuff.   The packaging is slick and they do have some good potato-y flavor to them.    On their website they list having the following flavors:

Sea Salt, Vintage Cheddar, Honey BBQ, Vinegar Splash, Jalapeño Trio, and Honey Mustard & Onion.

I only saw the “Classic Sea Salt” here at my local SEV, so that’s what I went with.   They have the texture and taste that reminds me of those MUNCHOS chips I talked about the other day.   There is an airy-ness to them, followed by the potato-salt punch, and then a slight salty aftertaste.   So they are good but not really something I was instantly addicted to.   Perhaps I need to try the other flavors to find my perfect match.  


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