30 Sep

Burger King is determined to perfect their fries.  Or at least corner the fry market one of these days.   Pictured here are their normal fries (which were new-not-that-long-ago) and the new “Satisfries” that have fewer calories and fat than BK regular fries and McDonald’s fries.

What these fries really boil down to is TASTE and what STYLE you like.   I have talked with several people who were excited to have these fries just because they were “krinkle cut” and they love that style.   No mention or thought of fat or calories.

Ordering both and alternating bites I found both fries to be pretty good.   The “regular” are more crispy and are closer to McDonald’s style.    The Satisfries are easily going to win over the person in your family that loves their fries to be not-so-crisp-but-rather-thick-and-potato-y.  They taste more like the kind of fries you would make at home.

You aren’t going to miss the calories or probably even order these because of that.   You will buy what you like.  What tastes good.   Every kid in the U.S. grew up on Ore-Ida krinkle cuts.    So that nostalgia factor will kick in too here.

In no way are either fry superior to McDonald’s down-to-a-science fry, but as sides go, BK now has two pretty good fries and some pretty decent onion rings –  A gang of choices compared to what Ronald has.    Folks love variety.



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