25 Sep

I love the fact that the line between restaurant and home cooking is blurring.   I am convinced that with the right equipment and ingredients you can create things in your own home that are just as good—if not better— than restaurant food.

Or –  in some cases –   you can successfully recreate your favorite restaurant dishes in your own kitchen.

Things like these Famous Fries I found in my local grocer freezer are a great start.     Checkers and Rally’s are burger joints that offer seasoned fries that are quite good.   Sadly, both Checkers and Rally’s are nowhere to be found here in the DFW.   They both came-and-went within a couple of years time and have yet to return.

So when I saw these I was intrigued and hopeful.  I do remember them having some pretty decent fries.

So bag in hand back at the lab and I fire up the fryer.   A home-fryer is an essential tool if you wish to truly recreate anything fried.   They are rather cheap and turn out great results.

Like our fries here.   Depending on how crispy-crunchy-well-done you prefer you fries…these things cook up quickly.

Boom.   That taste is instant and the flashback is complete.   These are a no-brainer and slick move by Checkers/Rally’s.   They really do taste like they are fresh from the drive-thru.   So good it makes me wonder if they are the exact same fries the local restaurants use.

Try’em, fry’em, and you’ll love’m.

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